If you’ve watched the STOP FIGHTING FOOD Tutorial Videos
and want to go further, the Master Class is a
comprehensive group coaching program
for ending the "crazy around food."

“Half the time I’m doing fine…until my face hits a pan of Brownie Batter and I have no idea how to climb out.”

"I avoid restaurants because I'm not sure what I'll be able to eat there. Thanksgiving literally terrifies me."

“I can’t keep chips or ice cream in my house…I know I’ll eat them all in one sitting.”

“The concept of ‘body acceptance’ completely freaks me out—I just can’t stop wishing I were thinner.”


This was how I felt for YEARS before I threw in the towel
and said, "fuck this — I'm gonna enjoy
sex and cheesecake and I'm not
gonna let myself feel badly about it either."

I finally learned to start thinking about my body and food
like a healthy, happy person who doesn't struggle each day
with her weightwatchers calculator only to end up
eating frosting with her fingers later that evening.




I designed the Stop Fighting Food Master Class
to get women out of the thinking that
created this diet-binge cycle to begin with.
It's in the thinking, not the behaviors,
that this problem begins.


I’ve asked some of my previous clients to share their stories about
what it used to be like, so you can make sure you’re in the right place.

“Before working with Isabel, I would literally douse leftover brownies in dish soap and salt so that I wouldn’t later dig ’em out of the trash. My life was about going through the drive thru and buying so much crap that I would order an extra drink so that it looked like the meals were for more people than just me. I was always sneaking candy and hiding the wrappers from my husband — I felt totally helpless and ‘unsafe’ around certain foods, as if they were a loaded gun or something. After working with Isabel, there’s no such thing as ‘trigger foods’ for me, because binges are not part of my world anymore. I made a batch of luscious brownies last week, thoroughly enjoyed a couple, and ended up having to throw the rest out away several days later… because they got stale.” — HOLLY C., CLIENT, CHEYENNE, WY

“My food always looked ‘normal’ from an outside perspective…but my mind was worrying about food all the time. I was constantly trying to find the ‘perfect food plan,’ constantly thinking about food —thoughts about food took up a huge amount of real estate in my brain. Judging myself constantly based on what I ate was so draining – emotionally, physically and psychologically. I’d learned about ‘intuitive eating’ previously, but at those times I took the information in with a ‘diet mindset,’ since that’s all I knew. Isabel’s program was the first one to help me break out of those old and worn out set of control based beliefs that were holding me back from real freedom and sanity.” — ROSE L., CLIENT, NEW YORK, NY

The Master Class is about more than
"getting your food under control..."

It’s about being so excited by your dinner companion that you don’t even notice the bread basket in front of you…

It’s about googling something other than Paleo recipes in your spare time.

It’s about being able to co-exist with cookies…without completely losing your shit.

It’s about putting on a bathing suit, and jumping in the (literal and figurative) pool!